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Activa Well-Being

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Activa Well-Being is a unique natural range based on a totally new concept called PhytoVitality. See Below for more info.

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Well-Being Circulation Well-Being Circulation

Well-Being Circulation, is a natural, all-around solution with an 8-hour extended release formulation for lighter legs and improved circulation throughout the day.

Price: £25.50 Inc VAT
Well-Being Digestion Well-Being Digestion

The natural solution for digestive comfort, every day Indigestion
causing heartburn, stomach ache, gas and bloating Relaxing, sedative
soothing and antispasmodic properties.  100% natural active ingredients,
no colorants and no GMOs

Price: £25.50 Inc VAT
Well-Being Gastric Well-Being Gastric

The natural response for the promotion of gastric well-being when faced on a daily basis: with gastric acidity, with digestive disorders, with difficulty digestingwith a physiological pH imbalance in the stomach. Helps maintain the acid-base balance in the stomach
100 natural-source.

Price: £25.50 Inc VAT
Well-Being Elimination Well-Being Elimination

Well-Being Elimination improves urinary tract health and has an 8-hour
extended release formula to help reduce recurrent urinary discomfort.
100% natural active ingredients, no colorants and no GMOs

Price: £25.50 Inc VAT
Well-Being Vitality Well-Being Vitality

Well-Being Vitality is an ideal combination of natural ingredients to
replenish the body’s resources, packaged in an 8-hour extended release
formulation for all-day efficacy. Revitalises, stimulates and
strengthens the body 100% natural active ingredients, no colorants and
no GMOs

Price: £25.50 Inc VAT
Well-Being Man Well-Being Man

Once men enter their 50’s, many have difficulty with bladder control or urgency/frequency both day and night. These irritating symptoms are caused by an aging prostate gland.

An all-round natural solution for urinary well-being and comfort.
Prostate function
100% natural active ingredients
no colorants and no GMOs

Price: £27.50 Inc VAT
Well-Being Spirulina 30 Caps Well-Being Spirulina 30 Caps

Active Well-being presents a 100% natural complex of Spirulina and cress in their
patented Microgranular that allows for optimal bio-availability and
bio-compatibility for real efficacy.

Price: £29.95 Inc VAT
Well-Being Detox Well-Being Detox

Well-Being Detox, 100 % natural stimulates bowel function to eliminate built-up waste. Contains a fibre-rich algae complex to help cleanse and purify the bowel. The algae capture and eliminate the pollutants that clog the body (heavy metals, pesticide residues and radioactive ions).
Fucus naturally promotes a healthy bowel habits and reduces the build-up of harmful substances in the body.
Kelp alginic acid binds to the harmful residues that build up in the body and promotes their elimination.
With a pH of between 9 and 12,
Lithothamine contributes to maintaining a stable, ideal pH balance in the stomach for better digestion and elimination of biological waste.

Recommendations: To be taken as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children, protected from heat, damp and light. Contains no colorants or GMOs. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Water helps clear toxins from the body. Drinking 1.5 litres of water a day will help with your detox program.

Price: £31.50 Inc VAT
Well-Being Woman Well-Being Woman

Recreating harmony for women Reduces the unpleasant symptoms experienced
by women before, during and after menopause, Anti-oxidant properties,
Appetite regulator, 100% natural active ingredients,no colorants and no

Price: £31.50 Inc VAT
What Phytovitality does:

Each Well-Being complex is designed to stimulate and reinforce “vitality” in a specific area of your body without upsetting the delicate physiological balances elsewhere.

Activa is a unique natural, intestinal absorption delivery system (micro granule) which is patented and is simple and safe. Activa can be utilized as a complementary or adjunct treatment. It is efficient and utilizes calibrated natural extracts. There are multiple pre-formulated blends for ease of use, odourless and neutral-tasting, with a recommended “Once a Day” intake for effectiveness.

The PhytoVitality Charter:

100% natural active ingredients
Formulation for synergistic activity of the ingredients to restore natural balance within the body
100% bioavailability for 100% absorption
Total biocompatibility delivers all the benefits of carefully-selected, vitality-boosting natural ingredients where they are needed most and in exactly the right quantities, with no side effects and no contra-indications
Microgranules pass through the bowel quickly with a patented microgranule that delivers active ingredients directly to the target
Plants synergy

Standardized Titrated Dried Extracts from Certified Suppliers
Optimizing and combining the benefits of each plant specific part for more efficiency
Blend of 4 to 5 different plant extracts in one formula
Following specific protocols and dosage


Marine Origin (Tilapia)
Quick/Easy digestion


Protection of active extracts:
Gastro protection
Guaranteed stability
Controlled Release. Constant release of actives : immediate, delayed, extended. 96 % “Intestinal” Release
Dose control, 1 or 2 caps a day intake only vs 5 to 6
Pediatric formulations