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Yaeyama Chlorella

Arguably, one of the very best in the world! Enjoyed by millions of people every day, broken cell wall Yaeyama Chlorella is a pure, natural whole food supplement with no synthetic additives, radiation-free and packed with essential vitamins, macronutrients, micronutrients, protein, minerals, enzymes, aminoacids, RNA/DNA. Chlorella is the richest known source of chlorophyll renowned for its powerful natural cleansing, detoxing and healing properties.

Yaeyama Chlorella
Over 35 years pioneering technology

Yaeyama Chlorella has been produced by Yaeyama Shokusan Co.for the last 35 years on Ishigaki Island, a remote tropical island in Okinawa at the southern tip of the Japanese Archipelago. It is cultivated in 30m diameter outdoor pools with a total cultivation area of 27,000m and production capacity of 35 tons per month using pure quality fresh mineral-rich water from the near-by coral reef mountains, abundant sunrays and fresh, clean unpolluted air. It is then processed indoors using advanced breaking cell wall technology with high pressure and steam of 130 degrees C for 20 seconds that helps scratch the cell wall of the algae followed by a proprietary jet-spray drying process in 160 degrees for 20 seconds that breaks the cell wall whilst ensuring maximum nutrient retention. The resulting premium powder (fine 20-100 micron or ultra-fine 1-10 micron particle size) is used for tablets and CGF extract liquid under strict ISO-9001 Quality Control and sanitation standards where no foreign object, microbes, bacteria or any other impurities are present.

What you should expect from our Yaeyama Chlorella products

  • 100% pure unadulterated premium quality broken cell wall Chlorella Vulgaris with 80%-85% digestibility, similar absorption rate to regular bread or cooked rice. One of the very best strains in the world with its amazing nutritional and health benefits. Both powder and tablets are GMO-free, gluten-free, certified kosher, irradiation-free and with no pesticides, preservatives or any synthetic additives. 0.5% tricalcium phosphate, a nutritional supplement that occurs naturally in cow's milk, is used as binder in the tablets.

  • Our capsules are 100% vegetarian with no porcine, bovine or fish gelatine and they contain a minimum 400mg powder fill (TrufilTM). They are GMO-free and approved for use in organic products.

  • Tablets are vacuum-packed in state-of-the-art food-graded 90 micron aluminium foil bags with a press ziplock to reseal after opening.

  • Removes oxygen so preventing oxidation and film forming on the tablet.

  • Protects against moisture and drying out.

  • Contents stay complete and unharmed.

  • The outer foil liner gives an optimum light barrier.

  • The inner liner is food-grade plastic (PET/AL/PE).

  • Individual 90g packs means that every time you open a pack the contents are fresh.

  • The pots for our vegetarian capsules are manufactured from high-grade polypropylene in a superior, high-gloss finish with a tear-band tamper-evident closure - this helps to protect the product from damage and spoilage during transportation by minimising movement in unused space inside the container. They are packed with a SuperDryPakTM safe indicating silica gel 1g sachet that keeps the capsules fresh and free from moisture. SuperDryPakTM is an environmentally friendly desiccant which provides a clear and distinct colour change from orange (dry) to green (saturated) as it absorbs moisture.
  • The all-natural brown kraft paper stand-up pouches are manufactured from 70gsm paper and 12 micron metallised PET / 70 micron PE lining (food grade specification) with a tear-band and resealable ziplock across the top. The thin metal lining serves as a very effective barrier to light, oxygen, odours, flavours, moisture and bacteria. Note that the individual layers of the pouches can be recycled. They are also packed with a SuperDryPakTM safe indicating silica gel 1g desiccant that keeps the contents fresh and free from moisture and oxidisation.
  • Packages are clearly labelled with taking instructions, detailed nutritional analysis, batch number, "best before" dates and contact details.

  • All our yaeyama chlorella products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and are certified kosher, halal and by the Japan Health & Nutrition Food Association (JHFA).
Comparison between Yaeyama Chlorella (outdoors culture) and other chlorella (indoors culture)

Yaeyama Chlorella Indoors Chlorella (A) Indoors Chlorella (B)

Protein (g)




Calcium (mg)




Chlorophyll (g)




Chlorella Extract (g)




Iron (mg)




Sodium (mg)




Comparitive Sensory Inspection

Yaeyama Chlorella Indoors Chlorella (A) Indoors Chlorella (B)


dark (deep) green

light green

light green


smell characteristic of algae or green powdered tea

protein fermentation odour

roasting smell


taste characteristic of algae, tasty

poor taste, not tasty

poor taste, not tasty


No foreign object, bacteria and other algae observed

mineral foreign object, plant morsel, other algae cell bits observed

filamentous foreign object, bacteria observed

Comparison with green-yellow vegetables

Per 100g Vitamin A
Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Folic Acid Calcium Iron Potassium Dietary Fibre
Spinach (mg)
0.36 0.11 0.20 0.21 49 2.0 690 2800
Pumpkin (mg)
0.06 0.07 0.06 0.08 15 0.5 450 3500
Carrot (mg)
0.76 0.05 0.04 No data
15 0.5 450 3500
Yaeyama Chlorella (mg)
9.57 1.91 5.22 2.10 462 114 891 10800

Per 100g α-Carotene β-Carotene Lutein
Spinach (mg)
No data 14 15.9
Pumpkin (mg)
No data 0.22 0.38
Carrot (mg)
6.46 17 0.3
Broccoli (mg)
No data 0.48 2.06
Yaeyama Chlorella (mg)
41.7 94.0 449

Quality of product and manufacturing

All Yaeyama Chlorella products are independently tested and certified by Japan Food Research Laboratories (JFRL). Why it is important to have your chlorella tested and passed by the JFRL is a good question. The Japanese Government has the highest standards in the world for testing and certifying the purity of chlorella. Chlorella manufacturers are not able to operate in Japan without first passing the Japanese government's strict protocol. The most important part of the test is for heavy metal content and this is why only 10 out of the hundreds of chlorella manufacturers worldwide are authorized to sell their chlorella products in the Japanese marketplace. These tests allow for a maximum of 20 parts per million of any of these heavy metals: Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Aluminum. Only the chlorella manufacturers who pass the Japanese standards are then certified for sale in Japan.

The company is also certified by Japan Quality Assurance Organisation (JQA) which has issued the factory Certificate of Compliance ISO9001-HACCP No. JQA-HA0047 and ISO9001 Management Certificate of Compliance No. JQA-QMA11869. Enhanced chlorophyll content cultivation method is patented (Patent No. 3277372). Follow this link to see all the quality certificates.