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Yaeyama Chlorella & Sun Chlorella

Yaeyama Chlorella and Sun Chlorella are the brand names. They are both green food supplements derived from chlorella algae containing all the nutrients needed by the body in a healthy diet. Chlorella has a unique range of components, including high concentrations of chlorophyl, essential amino acids, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, plant proteins, numerous vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It alone has a unique element called Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) situated in its cell nucleus; CGF is a complex set of various substances which favour growth in a natural way. The nutritional analysis clearly reveals the excellent quality of this food supplement. Taking chlorella may provide you with all the nutrients that help sustain the immune system, increase energy levels, detoxify the body, decrease memory loss, help to digest food, maintain proper blood pressure and cholesterol levels, provide muscle stability, promote joint health and much more.

Cultivation of chlorella algae usually takes place in shallow open-air ponds with chennels that direct the water flow and Japan has been considered for many years now the leading country in the world for producing the highest quality chlorella; however, unlike Yaeyama Chlorella which is grown, harvested and processed in Japan exclusively, Sun Chlorella is cultivated and processed in other Far East countries and then imported to Japan for packaging and subsequent exportation to the rest of the world where it is marketed as a japanese product.

In order to compare these two broken-cell chlorella products, which form they come in, know which vitamins and minerals are present in each brand and how much, we include the following table for your perusal. One major component of the algae in both brands is the cell wall; this cell wall protects the outer part of the organism and it also traps harmful chemicals and heavy metals with the help of the polysaccharide components it contains thus helping the body to remove toxins. But humans do have the enzymes needed to break down the cellulose that is present within the cell wall of the algae. Both chlorella brands break down the cell wall structure offering similar digestibility levels without destroying any of the nutrients inside, but in order to achieve this Yaeyama Chlorella use a proprietary spray-drying process whilst Sun Chlorella employ their own proprietary process called DYNO-Mill that pulverises the cell wall.

Nutritional Facts (typical per 100g)

General Composition Yaeyama Chlorella Sun Chlorella
Strand Vulgaris Pyrenodiosa
Moisture 3.6g 5.2g
Chlorella Extract (C.G.F.) 12.72g 4g
Fat 11.9g 12.5g
Protein 66.5g 60.8g
Carbohydrate 2.1g 5.8g
Fiber 10.5g 9.6g
Ash 4.7g 6.1g
Calories (Energy) 403kcal 417kcal
Total Pheophorbides 52.35mg -
Digestibility (broken-cell)
80% - 85% 80% - 85%
Drying method Jet spraying DYNO-Mill
Tablets 200-250mg 200mg only
Powder Yes No
Granules No Yes
Minerals & Trace Elements

Calcium 225mg 340mg
Iron 115.3mg 120mg
Magnesium 276mg 330mg
Zinc - 1.0mg
Potassium 804mg 950mg
Sodium 153mg 134mg
Phosphorus - 1500mg
Vitamins, Fatty Acids & Plant Compounds

Chlorophyll 3060mg 2700mg
Carotene 113.2mg 20.3mg
Vitamin A (retinol equivalent) 10mg -
Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) 1.83mg 1.82mg
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 6.02mg 4.52mg
Vitamin B6 2.14mg 1.81mg
Vitamin B12 37mcg 430mcg
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 22mg 7mg
Vitamin D - 0.47mg
Vitamin E (Alpha-Tocopherol) 26.9mg 5.0mg
Vitamin K1 0.73mg 1.28mg
Niacin 32.4mg 54.7mg
Pantothenic Acid - 8.89mg
Folic Acid 2.4mg 2.9mg
Linoleic Acid 220mg -
Alpha-Linoleic Acid 570mg -
Biotin - 0.27mg
Inositol - 248mg
Lutein 449mg -
Zeaxanthin 31mg -
Amino Acids

Isoleucine * 2.31g 2.10g
Leucine * 5.27g 4.52g
Lysine * 5.03g 3.42g
Methionine * 1.35g 1.37g
Phenylanine * 2.93g 2.61g
Threonine * 5.34g 2.60g
Tryptophan * 1.23g 1.10g
Valine * 3.47g 3.18g
Histidine * 1.33g 1.16g
Cystine 0.80g 0.70g
Tyrosine 2.31g 2.03g
Arginine 3.90g 3.27g
Alanine 4.75g 4.42g
Aspartic Acid 5.34g 4.91g
Glutamic Acid 6.86g 6.10g
Glycine 3.51g 3.07g
Proline 2.90g 2.52g
Serine 2.40g 2.18g

* Essential Amino Acids