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Kind words and testimonials

Here are only some of the unsolicited messages received....

"I love chlorella, and so do my dogs, they are crazy for it. I have been learning about zoopharmacognosy (animals ability to heal through their knowledge of what they need) - I have also noticed that they especially like to eat the wheat shoots growing in the winter wheat fields this time of year... their own supply of fresh wheat grass! Proof that wheatgrass is good for us too."

C.B.Morrigan, UK

"This stuff is brill, practically all my family and extended family take either chlorella or spirulina or both!! My mother-in-law has seen her thinning hair increase and fill out as have other family members. Overall this is a fabulous addition to my diet, energy levels have gone up and I feel fab!!"

Amna Aduli, UK

"It's great chlorella from you. Chlorella makes my life teriffic. 65 year old yogi going really strong. Thank you!!!"

Ma-Lena Nord, Sweden

"You have a wonderful website, and by your words you seem to be very passionate about quality, good customer sevice and helping people to live healthier lives. Thank you."

Rich, Trinidad & Tobago

"I got bitten by an insect, my arm got infected and started to swell. I crused several Chlorella tablets and made a paste which I applied all over to infected area, and covered with a dressing.Two days later took dressing off, result: swelling gone and bite nearly gone. After 4 days np sign of having been bitten."

Robert Dubock, UK

"At the advice of my dentist, I started taking chlorella in preparation for having a mercury amalgam filling safely removed. I have continued taking it ever since as I am on a very restricted diet, on account of health issues. I am convinced that the chlorella has made managing food cravings much easier on a diet which excludes wheat, gluten, yeast, sugars, dairy, smoked and fermented foods."

Donna Edge, UK

"Great delivery time, I received this in 2 days from ordering. The products (Wheatgrass, Barleygrass and organic Chlorella tablets) are amazing as always! I've been a regular at this shop for a while now and warmly recommend them to everyone. I will surely keep buying from them in future."

Mojca, UK

"Thank you for the 10% discount to celebrate your first 10 years in business. It was very much appreciated and made my order even better value for money! The website is easy to use and delivery is fast. I am very happy with your service."

Julie Dennis, UK

"Just to confirm that I've received my order, I'm very impressed with the packaging and the efficiency of your team there at Chlorella Europe."

Linda Jung, France

"Great product... Easy to swallow... Well packaged! Done the research and can see massive benefits in taking chlorella... Have told all my friends and family - and put Chlorella Europe forward."

Laura Fermor, UK

"I have problematic skin but it`s much better since I started using Spirulina consistently, I can recommend it to everybody."


"I really love the discount on organic chlorella! I'd suggest taking your superfood along with a freshly made fruit and/or vegetable juice in the morning - it's a really great way to start your day :)"


"Hi there! I started using Organic Chlorella a month ago and it has helped me to stop overeating (cakes and various snacks after the main meal). I feel great!"

Marina Maskovic, Croatia

"My order was delivered the day after I put the order through on line. I was very impressed by that."

Amber Lori Mary Bradshaw, UK

"Ordering was really quick and easy. Emailed a question via their website and had response back in half an hour and discount coupon as well. Dispatch same day so can't wait for it to arrive. Great service so far!!"

Tone Jarvis, UK

"In green superfoods your body find what it needs, and what your body doen't need you will not find in green superfoods"

Ove Broems, Sweden

"I don't eat as many vegetables as I would like, especially organic, but by taking the algae makes up for this, as they are complete foods, which is amazing. We use them for general health and weight maintenance. To keep hunger at bay. I notice a massive difference in my energy levels and how much real hunger I feel if I dont take them! Don't think I could live without them really! "

Carol Harris, France

"Breakfast is the most important meal in a day. When I am at work, I down more than 12 tabs EACH of chlorella and spirulina as a form of breakfast, and then followed by a hot cereal beverage mid-morning. This gives me energy till lunch-time. It's a healthy way as compared to carbo-filled or oily food for breakfast."

Peony Long, Singapore

"I have been taking spirulina for a while now and I can safely say that I have seen an improvement in my health. Especially when flus and colds have been circulating I have managed to keep clear of them! I've also been taking chlorella for a while and love the benefits, so I thought why be selfish spread the word! So I recently bought some chlorella for my mother in law, who suffers with diabetes. She's been taking it for about a month and we can't believe the difference! She's full of energy, no longer suffers with dizziness in the evenings due to low blood sugar and just generally feels good!! What superfoods indeed! "

Amna Aduli, UK

"I've been really happy with the quality of the products as well as the quality of the customer service. I've always received a quick response to my contact requests. As "normal" spirulina was now out of stock, it was kind of you to recommend the organic one. However, I think you should also mention that it's now even cheaper than the "normal" one. I almost turned away assuming that it's automatically more expensive. However, thank you very much for helping me, my family and friends to purify our bodies and build better overall health! =)"

Julius Pesonen, Finland

"I started taking Chlorella tablets over 25 years ago when it came from Taiwan, rarely missed a day. Never get the usual problems like colds, headaches, sickness or any illness. Now 77 and still manual working."

Robert Dubock, UK

"I have been using chlorella from Chlorella Europe for several years. In conjunction with a good diet and excercise, I can honestly say that I do not get sick. I work in healthcare, and nearly all of my colleagues are ill very often. I believe Chlorella plays a huge part in my good health. I am 59 years old and feel as good now as I did 25 years ago."

Greg Rittenhouse, USA

"Your packs of spirulina tabs are invaluable especially when travelling. They keep fresh and damp free - even in the Amazon."

Natalie Tobin, UK

"I stopped taking chlorella for more than a year after the birth of my daughter. I was constantly exhausted, both mentally and physically. Luckily about 2 months ago I remembered that I had some unopened chlorella tablets that I'd purchased earlier from you and started taking them consistently again. I feel less tired nowadays and the mental fog has lessened considerably! The effect is cumulative and increases over time, very important when you have an 18 month toddler to run around after! I'll definitely reorder once my current supply runs out."

Nora Hamid, UK

"Your website is user friendly and the free worldwide shipping is a great draw, especially to new customers. I first bought chlorella and spirulina from your company after comparing with other websites and I must say that besides the good quality products and reasonable prices, the free shipping offer was one of the deciding factors."

Peony Leong, Singapore

"I'm very happy with your service and the quality of the products you sell. You are always willing to help and find solutions. Thanks!"

Shima Kakoulidis, Sweden

"Very helpful and informative staff, competitive prices and fast delivery. Will be using Chlorella Europe again."

Simon Alford, UK

"I am very satisfied with your service and kindness, delivery is fast and prices are the most competitive. Your care for customer loyalty is also very good. Probably the best superfood seller!"

Jure Francetic, Slovenia

"I find your website easy to navigate and as a dyslexic person this makes my shopping experience less stressful but that could also be taking chlorella :)"

Roz Mulder, UK

"Your products certainly helped my husband during his cancer treatment and the service was excellent."

Sue Harris, UK

"Great service, excellent customer support! Have recommended to all my friends. Thanks!!"

Charlotte Rodriguez, UK

"Your website shows professionalism that reaches far beyond competitor brands. The website is thorough and has lots of information on the products. Thank you for excellent prices and fast service."

Christina Paulino, USA

"You run a very professional and serious business. I think your service and customer support are excellent. Your web-shop is very easy to use, and the products you sell are outstanding. I am glad I found you and I will return as soon as I run out of greens."

Marten Bjertner, Sweden

"I tried Chlorella Europe after using other brands/suppliers and without doubt, for price, quality and packaging and for excellence of customer service, I now would not look anywhere else."

William Carter, UK

"Your website is a joy to use & I have always received the products I have ordered promptly. I have always received a quick response to email enquiries. As Chlorella Europe is such a good site to buy from I have recommended it to my friends & colleagues on many occasions. A definite thumbs up :-)"

Adele Clifford, UK

"Have the best of experiences with your company. Top quality products, reasonable prices and free shipping."

Ove Broems, Sweden

"After all these years, it's always a great pleasure to deal with you. The quality of your products is the best from what I have been researching for a long time and I'm really proud to recommend your company to my clients. As family, your products are part of our daily diet for years and that's also what I recommend to my clients, along with probiotics. Keep educating and providing pure potent food and great friendly service. Thank you."

Siri Shabd Singh, Thailand

"I think your customer service is fantastic. I was already decided to buy my chlorella elsewhere, but Demetris was so conscientious in answering my queries and enlightening me to some facts about the chlorella that I changed my mind and decided to buy from Chlorella Europe. I really appreciated getting the new info without feeling like the subject of a hard sell."

Maya Sendall, UK

"I am happy that your quick response has been very effective. It's not often the customer support section is so friendly & resolves problems swiftly."

Hisui Kobayashi, Vietnam

"Good quality, fast delivery and great communication. Products are very well packed. Thank you."

Rima Orlickiene, UK

"I must commend you for having a great website and for making it very easy to order and receive chlorella shipments. Customer service is also always prompt and polite. Thank you! :)"

Lillian Berger, Norway

"Green superfoods are fantastic! Thank you for helping us survive in this world."

Irina Khlopova, Finland

"Just had a medical check up including a cholesterol check. Told my levels were remarkable for my age! I think it must be due to my daily chorella."

Jane Toy, UK