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Spirulina for Pets and Plants

Spirulina is not only good for people: Animals and plants thrive on it too.

When given Spirulina, old cats and dogs with dull,thinning coats have been seen to develop thick, lustrous coats; and pets with stiff joints appear to improve considerably, becoming supple and active again.

Veterinarians prescribe Spirulina to aid recovery,increase stamina, relieve stiffness, and also for show animals for general toning, as these animals need to look their best. Prize winning koi carp are fed Spirulina to enhance their color and health.

Bird breeders add Spirulina to feed to enhance plumage color and luster. Spirulina is used extensively by aquaculture companies to improve the growth rates, increase disease resistance, improve survival rates, reduce medication requirements and improve quality and coloration of various fish and shellfish (Henson 1990).

Gardeners can use Spirulina as a complete, effective foliar plant food. Homeowners can sprinkle a little Spirulina in the earth around their favorite houseplant and see what a difference it makes. Organic farmers can use Spirulina as a completely natural and healthy fertilizer.

In one case,an organic lettuce grower in Hawaii saw a tremendous increase in the yield and health of his lettuce by fertilizing with Spirulina, while a farmer across the street using conventional fertilizer had lettuce that grew much slower and smaller.