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Spirulina - Perfect for All Ages

Spirulina is a perfect complimentary nutrient for people of all ages. NoRDAs (Recommended Daily Allowances) have been set for the elderly, but their nutritional needs are different from those of other age groups. They are more likely than younger people to be deficient in certain nutrients and may not absorb, utilize, or store nutrients efficiently.

Many elderly people are on medication for extended periods, which interferes with nutrient levels. It may not be easy to obtain all the required nutrients from food, so it is important to take food supplements that can be easily digested and utilized by the body.

Spirulina is a high-energy food,and due to its soft cell wall, Spirulina offers nutrients in an easily assimilable form. People of all ages also take Spirulina for its cleansing effect and its ability to help improve digestion and elimination. The amount of Spirulina taken can be adjusted to fit the needs of an individual according to their age, health status or the particular results they want to achieve.

Children who won't eat their vegetables and students away from home should take Spirulina. People who do not consistently eat good, nutritious food are also good candidates for Spirulina. Older people and people recovering from operations should take Spirulina.

People who need more energy or aren’t eating a well balanced diet should take Spirulina; in fact,all of the groups mentioned above should eat Spirulina every day.

It's reassuring to know that, even when we're busy, with not enough time to shop or cook, we can still eat our greens by taking Spirulina. We're not suggesting that taking Spirulina makes it all right to live on junk food, but Spirulina is certainly a good addition to any diet.