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Kean's Supreme Greens

Many people know that we should eat more greens but we take a pass when it comes to eating them preferring to survive on fast food, convenience meals, meats, dairy products, soft drinks and alcohol. All of these products turn to acid in the stomach and can cause people to feel unwell, sluggish and tired. There has been a lot of research on the benefits of alkalising foods and now we are pleased to introduce Kean's Supreme Greens which we consider to be the best product of its class on the market today. Our Supreme Greens is a totally natural greens formula which includes a full spectrum of mostly organically-grown ethically-traded best quality green superfoods, rich in nutrients, renowned for their essential minerals, vitamins & alkaline properties and for their cleansing and revitalising properties. They may help to balance the body's pH level by reducing the acidic content in our diet and by increasing alkalinity, which can in turn increase levels of well-being, alertness and energy. Importantly, this is a delicious, palatable formula and we suggest it is best blended or shaken with apple juice for a tasty, refreshing and revitalising drink.


Organic wheatgrass powder, organic barley grass powder, organic Spirulina, organic Chlorella, organic Alfalfa, Sea Kelp, organic barley grass juice powder, Crystal Manna, Himalayan Rock Salt. Capsule shell: vegetable cellulose.

Quick & Easy Directions

Using a cocktail shaker, mix 1 teaspoon of Supreme Greens with apple juice, water or your favourite drink; add some ice for a refreshing drink. It can also be sprinkled onto salads, cereals, yoghurt, etc. Take daily. With capsules, we suggest 4-6 once or twice a day.


If you do not have a cocktail shaker to hand, try using a clean, empty glass jar with lid to mix your Supreme Greens powder with your preferred liquids.

Supreme Greens powder is packed full of essential nutrients including:

All Aminoacids

Protein building blocks, essential to most bodily functions


Healing, cleansing, energising and anti-inflammatory properties


A wholefood source only found in spirulina, it regulates blood sugar levels

Omega 3, 6 & 9

Beneficial to immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems


Essential for healthy bones & teeth, muscle contraction, cell metabolism & nerve impulses


Integral part of many proteins & enzymes that maintain good health


Maintains blood pressure, bone formation, regulates nerve and muscle tone


Vital to heart, digestive & muscle formation


A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, B12, O, E, K


Essential for healthy immune system, cell growth, healthy skin & liver function

Typical nutritional values (per 100g)


1205 KJ / 287 kcal




35.52g (of which sugars <9.92g)



Dietary Fibre



2.40g (of which saturates 0.67g, mono-unsaturates 0.40g, poly-unsaturates 1.33g)

Omega 3


Omega 6


Omega 9


Moisture 6.40g

Who should be taking Supreme Greens?

Supreme Greens is for anyone who is concerned about their well-being and the nutrient deficiency in the average daily diet. Research shows that most of our population does not obtain the recommended three to five servings of vegetables per day. Adding Supreme Greens to your diet can help you receive the necessary nutritional value.

How does Supreme Greens taste?

Supreme Greens has a natural vegetable taste. We receive many compliments on how well Supreme Greens tastes blended with a little apple juice especially when compared to other green food products on the market today.

When do I take Supreme Greens?

The optimal time is in the morning, on an empty stomach, prior to breakfast or if you prefer 15 to 30 minutes after meals. It is a 100% natural whole food supplement and should not upset your stomach.

How often do I take Supreme Greens?

One servings, twice per day is standard for most individuals. Some health enthusiasts may desire to consume additional amounts throughout the day or after strenuous activities to replenish lost nutrients.

Should I take Supreme Greens daily?

We recommend taking Supreme Greens every day as a source of valuable nutrition. Some health professionals suggest that their clients skip one day of taking all supplements per week.

Can I take too much Supreme Greens?

You can always take too much of a good thing; however, you can drink Supreme Greens several times each day with no side effects.

Can Supreme Greens help me lose weight?

Supreme Greens is a mainly-organically grown food formulation, combining green/blue algae and grasses providing each serving with the enough nutritional value allowing you to reduce your meal consumption, which may result in weight loss. Its special formula also alkalizes the body to assist in losing weight and breaking down body fat.

Can I take Supreme Greens if I'm pregnant?

Yes, but we suggest that expectant women should always consult their GP or health professional.

Will Supreme Greens interfere with any medications I am taking?

Supreme Greens has not demonstrated to have any contradictions with medications. If you have any concerns, you should consult with your GP or health care professional.

What is the shelf life of Supreme Greens and how do I store it?

Stored in a cool, dry place away from sunshine, Supreme Greens will be kept fresh for about 18 months. The "best before" date is clearly indicated on the package.

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