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Why choose Chlorella Europe for Hawaiian Spirulina

A superior strain: for more than 25 years, Hawaiian Spirulina has been adapting to the intense Hawaiian sun. These conditions have given birth to a distinctive carotene-rich strain known as Spirulina Pacifica, providing the highest levels of mixed carotenoids, enzymes, phycobiliproteins and antioxidants of any Spirulina in the world, including Vitamin B12.

Deep Ocean Water: the lined ponds are filled with 95% fresh water drawn from wells in the rainforest aquifer, supplemented by 5% with nutrient-rich ocean water pumped from a depth of 2,000 feet - this pure water has not seen the surface in over 2000 years. This vital resource provides a rich mixture of calcium, magnesium and 94 trace minerals. Other farms use river water or irrigation water.

Radiation free: Spirulina Pacifica is tested quartely for radiation contamination through independent 3rd party laboratories. The analyses have always found no detectable radiation. Recent test results after the Fukushima accident have also shown no contamination whatsoever - see official company statement.

Pesticide-free, herbicide-free and non-irradiated: Spirulina Pacifica is never irradiated and is regularly tested by an independent laboratory to ensure that no pesticides or herbicides are present.

State-of-the-Art Technology: The patented oxygen-free drying system, Ocean Chill Drying, allows Spirulina Pacifica to be dried in an environment which preserves high nutrient and enzyme concentrations by preventing oxidative damage. Oxygen barrier packaging and cold-press tableting protect Spirulina Pacifica's superior nutritional profile while insuring its fresh taste.

GRAS Status: the only Spirulina grown in the United States that has attained "GRAS Status" (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the US FDA for all food, beverage and supplement applications. Strict quality control and intense hygiene procedures during growing and processing make for the purest Spirulina in the world; it is also known for extremely low levels of lead and other heavy metals as well as very low bacterial levels.

Premium Quality Tablets: The company's modern facility was expressly built to make these tablets efficiently and with minimal exposure to oxygen. Because Spirulina is a fine dusty powder, it is inherently difficult to tablet. Some manufacturers solve this problem with high levels of tablet binders or by using heat granulation which can degrade nutrients. And just as with our powder, tablets are immediately heat/vacuum-sealed in foil laminate bags with an enclosed oxygen absorber. Spirulina tablets arrive absolutely fresh, with a storage life of more than 3 years.

How is Hawaiian Spirulina produced?

Spirulina Pacifica is cultured in lined shallow open ponds (approximately 20 cm deep) adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. A combination of fresh water and supplemental deep ocean water is used to fill the ponds. Natural food-grade ingredients are used and the deep sea water is added as a rich source of minerals and trace elements. Paddle wheels agitate the water, ensuring even exposure of the algae to the sun for optimal growth and nutritional value.

What you should expect from our spirulina products:

100% pure unadulterated premium quality Arthrospira Platensis, one of the very best in the world with its amazing nutritional benefits.

The powder is a free-flowing green to bluish-green powder. It has a mild seaweed odour and is not water soluble; it forms a suspension. The particle size is <125 microns with a bulk density >0.48 g/ml.

The tablets are not submitted through any ionization processes. They are cold-pressed and manufactured in accordance with NPA-Good Manufacturing Practices and with local and State of Hawaii regulations. Silica (1%), chicory inulin (0.4%) and vegetable magnesium stearate (0.1%) are used as tableting aids; these aids are certified "non-GMO" by the suppliers.

Our capsules are 100% vegetarian with no porcine, bovine or fish gelatine and they contain a minimum 400mg powder fill (TrufilTM). They are GMO-free and approved for use in organic products.

Tablets are vacuum-packed in state-of-the-art food-graded 90 micron aluminium foil bags with a press ziplock to reseal after opening. The benefits are:
  • Removes oxygen so preventing oxidation and film forming on the tablet
  • Keeps out water and dust reliably
  • Protects against moisture and drying out
  • Contents stay complete and unharmed
  • The outer foil liner gives an optimum light barrier, the inner liner is food-grade plastic (PET/AL/PE)
  • Individual 90g packs means that every time you open a pack, contents are fresh

The pots for our vegetarian capsules are manufactured from high-grade polypropylene in a superior, high-gloss finish with a tear-band tamper-evident closure - this helps to protect the product from damage and spoilage during transportation by minimising movement in unused space inside the container. They are packed with a SuperDryPak safe indicating silica gel 1g sachet that keeps the contents fresh and free from moisture. SuperDryPak is an environmentally friendly desiccant which provides a clear and distinct colour change from orange (dry) to green (saturated) as it absorbs moisture.

The all-natural brown kraft paper stand-up pouches for the powder are manufactured from 70gsm paper and 12 micron metalised PET / 70 micron PE lining (food grade specification) with a tear-band and resealable ziplock across the top. The thin metal lining serves as a very effective barrier to light, oxygen, odours, flavours, moisture and bacteria. Note that the individual layers of the pouches can be recycled. They are also packed with a SuperDryPak safe indicating silica gel 1g desiccant that keeps the contents fresh and free from moisture and oxidisation.

Packages are clearly labelled with taking instructions, detailed nutritional analysis, batch number, "best before" dates and contact details.

All our products are certified kosher and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.