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Chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass and barley grass are a 100% pure plant source of vitamins, proteins, minerals, essential amino acids and antioxidants. They are natural complete whole foods rich in chlorophyll and totally free from any synthetic additives allowing the body to maximise their numerous benefits. Safe and effective, they could provide the perfect nutrition easily incorporated into your daily diet for energy, vitality and well-being.

Many products on the market offer vitality but few are able to show results. Naturally occurring nutrients in nature accompanied as a “Whole” are easily absorbed and assimilated by the body allowing for more beneficial synthesis throughout. Anything that is not “from nature” is a lot less effective and since doesn’t contain all naturally occurring elements, strain is placed on the body unnecessarily in order to process the substances.

Our products are sourced for you from the very best and most reputable growers from around the world, they are available as tablets, powder and vegetarian capsules in convenient packaging. With competitive prices, secure and easy shopping, you can enjoy their amazing benefits within a few days from ordering.


Himalayan Crystal SaltChlorella Europe is proud to introduce a new product to you - Himalayan Crystal Salt.  This is a natural unrefined whole crystal salt. Himalayan crystal salt is the most beneficial, cleanest salt available on this planet, where the energy of the sun has dried up the original primal sea, millions of years ago  For a limited time this is being offered at 30% Off so you can try this for yourself. More info


Yaeyama Chlorella tablets bowlChlorella Europe is offering a 10% savings on everything on the site until 31 December at midnight. Use offer code WINTER10 at checkout. Don't miss out!


Yaeyama Chlorella tablets bowlAs you know, we offer three varieties of Yaeyama chlorella tablets: pure, with turmeric and with collagen. For your convenience, we have put together a mixed multipack which includes three 90g vacuum-packed pouches (one of each chlorella type) offering you 10% savings from the individual costs.


Yaeyama Chlorella with TurmericA truly remarkable natural product from Yaeyama Chlorella bringing a new meaning to "health and beauty". Yaeyama Chlorella with Collagen is a well-balanced blend of the Yaeyama Chlorella, premium quality marine collagen (increasingly used as a cosmetic ingredient for healthy skin. tissue, bones and muscle), dextrin (digestion-resistant dietary fibre promoting healthy bowel movement) and Vitamin C (which helps the formation of collagen and its functions).


Yaeyama Chlorella with TurmericWe are pleased to introduce another natural wholefood supplement: Yaeyama Chlorella with Turmeric - a powerful and unique combination of two of the most well known supplements with many nutritional and health benefits. Turmeric, with its active ingredient curcumin, has been used for centuries as herbal remedy of ayurvedic medicine to help maintain healthy joints, improved liver function, good digestive tract and a healthy circulatory system. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK


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LUCKY WINNER FOR NOVEMBER: Elizabeth Blake, U.K. / Greece

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Don't forget our Winter Special Offer expires on 31 December. Only 9 days left! Use code WINTER10 at checkout
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Don't forget our Winter Special Offer expires on 31 December. Only 20 days left! Use code WINTER10 at checkout
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